JCDC Photography | What To Expect

Welcome to JCDC Photography

And thank you for choosing me! 

Here is a bit of what to expect from me as your photographer: 

First things first! I encourage you to look through my work pertaining to the type of session you want. And not just a few photos, look at EVERYTHING! I have a few different styles, or one style applied to different locations will look different. My quality is consistent, I can guarantee! Just as a painter (artist) will not paint the same thing over and over again, I don't like all my sessions to look exactly the same. I like to tailor each session to the client, their personality, the location and the overall mood of the session along with the type of session. 
If you can see you and your family in my images and on your wall, then choose me. It is important that you don't just like the photographer's work, but that you LOVE it and can see yourself in it! 

Feel free to ask any questions or address any concerns you may have before booking with me! 

Disclosure: I do not and will not copy another photographer's editing style, so please do not send image ideas telling me you want the editing a certain way. I process all images to reflect my work. Some elements I will include from the ideas, such as sunlight, posing, props, etc. And all image ideas you send, I will try to change it up a bit while presenting the same idea, to make it as original as I can. That said, leads to my next point....

Disclosure 2: You will not get every single image that you hear me click with my camera, but you will get one of each pose. I tend to take 1-3 photos of each pose/angle, this is just in case someone blinks or moves or I don't like one angle compared to another. I eliminate those images that may be blurry, eyes closed or the angle that didn't work. By choosing me as your photographer, you trust my judgement on this. Keep in mind, there is not a proofing session where you choose the photos I edit; I edit every image I keep and they show up in your gallery. Hooray, you don't have to choose! You get to see all your photos! Your gallery NEVER expires and there is no time limit to order prints/products. Your gallery includes web-sized, water-marked copies for your social media sharing. Please do not screen shot the photos and share to social media as it takes away from the quality and therefore misrepresents my work! 

Photo Ideas! I welcome any and all ideas you'd like to send me, including images from my own work! It shows me what type of styles and poses interest you. Even if you don't send me photo ideas, I can still provide images I believe you will love! This too leads to my next point...

Questionnaires! Once you book, I send a questionnaire, depending on the type of session(s) you're booking. This helps me get to know you and your family and get an idea of your personalities before our session. If you don't have or send photo ideas, you can tell me what types of things you imagine or like in this questionnaire and as an artists, I envision these in my mind and do my best to fit the photos to your personalities! 

Booking! 20% of session is due at time of booking. An invoice for the booking fee and the session agreement will be emailed to you, both are required. Signature on contract must be hand signed, scanned and emailed back to me or mailed. Sessions times are scheduled based on tentative weather and I schedule sessions in the evening before the sunsets. This is the best lighting of the day! Weekday sessions are VERY limited and weekends fill up fast, so be sure to book quickly! 

Keep in mind we have a referral program! For each person you refer that books and completes a session with me, you receive $20-40 credit towards your next session with me! If you refer a wedding, you receive $50 credit towards your next session with me. You could earn a free session! 

Also, returning clients receive a 20% discount!

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to ask! I will add anything I missed to this page!